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Manufacturing for Merial is a global operation with 16 manufacturing sites around the world where the company’s products for livestock, companion animals (pets) and wildlife are produced. Merial’s manufacturing capability falls into two main categories - pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Manufacturing’s responsibilities include sourcing the company’s leading products including the ivermectin and fipronil ranges, with such well-known brands as IVOMEC® (ivermectin), HEARTGARD® (ivermectin), FRONTLINE® and FRONTLINE Plus.

As a leading global company, Merial is committed to the highest international standards of product quality and safety at its manufacturing sites world-wide. This means compliance with standards and cooperative relationships with regulatory authorities in the markets where we operate. At every stage of the production process, we insist on stringent adherence to processes and procedures for health, safety and environmental protection, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Each year, Merial produces 100 million vials of vaccines which equate to 300 million doses for swine, ruminants, cats and dogs and 50 billion doses for birds. Merial also manufactures 100 million pipettes of FRONTLINE® - the world’s leading flea and tick treatment for cats and dogs, and 300 million doses of IVOMEC® (ivermectin) antiparasitic treatments for ruminants and swine. With our comprehensive manufacturing network, Merial is able to make products for our customers in all major animal health care markets, providing local expertise backed by global economies of scale. Merial’s current manufacturing activities are concentrated in Europe and the Americas. European sites include four in France (three in and around Lyon and one in Toulouse), two in Italy (Noventa and Chignolo-Po for avian vaccines), and one in the United Kingdom (Pirbright for foot-and-mouth disease vaccines). In North America, we operate five sites (including vaccine production in Athens and Gainesville, GA), while we conduct additional vaccine manufacturing at two sites in South America (Paulinia, Brazil and Montevideo, Uruguay). In Paulina, Brazil, a new facility for the production of invermectin formulations was inaugurated in 2004. In China, we have one site (Nanchang); we take also part in a joint venture (Nanjing).

A large number of specialists globally ensure that the company meets both technical and regulatory requirements. The operation is supported by more than 1,700, including chemists, biologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, quality control and assurance technicians, engineers, logistics and production staff.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best quality products on time, at optimum costs, and where they need them.
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