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PUREVAX® Ferret Distemper Vaccine Available

January 12, 2007

Popular Merial product provides protection from serious disease

Duluth, Ga., — Veterinarians will once again be able to offer safe and effective protection against distemper in ferrets with PUREVAX® Ferret Distemper vaccine. PUREVAX is a USDA-licensed ferret distemper vaccine that will resume availability in January 2007.

"Veterinarians and owners have eagerly anticipated the arrival of additional PUREVAX Ferret Distemper vaccine to help maintain the health of ferrets, and we are proud to offer it along with our IMRAB® rabies vaccine for ferrets," says Shawn Hooker, Director of U.S. Pet Biologicals, Merial Limited.

Stringent product specifications sometimes require an extended production process for PUREVAX Ferret Distemper. This helps ensure that the vaccine remains a high-quality, consistent product. The vaccine was approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2001.

PUREVAX Ferret Distemper uses advanced recombinant canarypox-vectored technology to provide protection from distemper without using adjuvants or including the whole canine distemper virus. This provides a unique safety profile that eliminates potential risks that can be associated with a whole distemper virus vaccine.

Distemper is a serious disease in ferrets, and mortality rates can approach 100%.1 To order PUREVAX Ferret Distemper vaccine, veterinarians can contact their sales representative or call Merial Customer Care at 1-888-MERIAL-1.


1Williams ES et al. Vaccination of black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) x Siberian polecat (M. eversmanni) hybrids and domestic ferrets (M. putorius furo) against canine distemper. Journal of Wildlife Diseases: 1996;32(3): 417-423.

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