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It All Comes Down to the Milk Check!
Nutrition, health, cow comfort. Three words dairy producers focus on each time a calf is born, a heifer is prepared for calving and lactation, or a cow is not quite producing what she should. These three words are the keys to achieving the maximum productivity of every animal in a dairy operation.

The Merial.com Dairy Producer pages offer tools, tips, and information designed to help you optimize the health of your calves, heifers, and dairy cows. Below is a summary of our innovative products.

  EPRINEX® Pour-On (eprinomectin)
A higher level of parasite control.
Kills 39 species and stages of internal and externall parasites, more than any other product
Controls adult worms and 4th stage larvae, lice, mange mites, grubs, and horn flies
No milk withholding, no meat withdrawl
For calves, replacement heifers, cows and bulls

IVOMEC® Plus (ivermectin/clorsulon)
Kills internal and external parasites, even liver flukes.
Kills more types of parasites, including liver flukes, than any other injectable product - all in a single dose
For calves and replacement heifers

CYSTORELIN® (gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate)
The orignial GnRH. Rx Only
An effective treatment for cystic ovaries in dairy cattle, helping cows come into heat. As a result, more cows conceive on schedule, thus reducing days open
Trusted favorite among veterinarians and producers
Veterinary prescription required

labeled to both treat and prevent bovine coccidiosis
Available in 9.6% solution and 20% soluble powder
For calves and replacement heifers

The only two-dose E. coli coliform mastitis vaccine
For replacement heifers and cows (open or pregnant)
Convenient to use in heifer, dry cow or whole herd protocols

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