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IVOMEC EPRINEX® Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle

Eprinomectin pour-on for internal and external parasites in beef and dairy cattle

IVOMEC EPRINEX is the most potent parasite control product ever produced. Only IVOMEC EPRINEX is more than 99% effective against 11 economically damaging internal parasites, including the brown stomach worm. IVOMEC EPRINEX is more than 99% effective against 12 damaging fourth-stage immature larvae. IVOMEC EPRINEX wipes out the larvae before they're old enough to lay eggs. IVOMEC EPRINEX kills a broader spectrum of parasites than any other pour-on. And it controls biting and sucking lice. IVOMEC EPRINEX controls up to twice as many stages as its competitors. This broad- spectrum control can lead to: · Better weight gains · Improved reproductive performance · Better feed conversion · Reduced pasture contamination · Healthier cattle that look better IVOMEC EPRINEX features a weather-proof formulation. Research shows that IVOMEC EPRINEX is more than 99% effective - even on wet cattle. IVOMEC EPRINEX works anytime - perfect for your busy schedule. It's pour-on applicator makes dosing easy and accurate. And, it's ordorless, non-flammable formula eliminates the need for clumsy protect gear. University studies have proven that internal parasites can cause a suppressed immune response. Parasites interfere with the animal's ability to develop an adequate immune response to vaccination. And respiratory and reproductive diseases create significant costs in lost opportunity for the beef industry. Animals affected by these conditions suffers from poor performance, higher costs, reduced gain, and in some cases, lower quality. Additional costs from death loss and medical expenses reduce the bottom line. Parasite and disease programs help prevent sickness and poor performance. Internal and external parasite control is an important aspect of the Merial® SureHealth Program. In the SureHealth program, parasite control, immunization and preconditioning steps are done by the producer and documented by a participating veterinarian. One of Merial's leading parasiticide products is IVOMEC EPRINEX. IVOMEC EPRINEX is easy to apply and goes right to work.
IVOMEC EPRINEX is available in 250 mL, 1 Liter, 2.5 Liter, 5 Liter, and 20 Liter containers


Dosage The product is formulated only for external application to beef and dairy cattle. The dose rate is 1 mL/10 kg (22 lb) of body weight. The product should be applied topically along the backline in a narrow strip extending from the withers to the tailhead. Once inside, it moves throughout the animal's system to provide powerful parasite protection. Plus, the odorless, non-flammable pour-on formula allows worry-free storage and glove-free protection. Use Conditions Varying weather conditions, including rainfall, do not affect the efficacy of IVOMEC EPRINEX Pour-On. Management Considerations for Treatment of External Parasites For best results, IVOMEC EPRINEX Pour-On should be applied to all cattle in the herd. Cattle introduced to the herd later should be treated prior to introduction. Consult your veterinarian or an entomologist for the most effective timing of applications for the control of external parasites. SAFETY Tolerance and toxicity studies have demonstrated the margin of safety for eprinomectin in cattle. Residue Information: When used according to label directions, neither a pre-slaughter drug withdrawal period nor a milk discard time are required, therefore meat and milk from cattle treated with IVOMEC EPRINEX Pour-On may be used for human consumption at any time following treatment. For specific precautions, please consult the product label.


IVOMEC® EPRINEX® (eprinomectin) Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle: A Revolutionary Design in Parasite Control

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Efficacy of IVOMEC® EPRINEX® (eprinomectin) Pour-On Against Biting and Sucking Lice

Advantage of Parasite Control with IVOMEC® EPRINEX® (eprinomectin) When Processing Wet Cattle

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