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Escherichia coli Bacterin-Toxoid

J-VAC: The Only Two-Dose Solution

Implementing proper milking procedures and providing a clean environment for your dairy cattle can help prevent mastitis, but it can also be important to use an effective mastitis vaccine. MERIAL® J-VAC® is the proven and most effective E. coli mastitis vaccine with the exclusive convenience of only two doses - all competitive vaccines require three doses1. MERIAL J-VAC also protects against endotoxemia caused by E. coli and Salmonella typhimurium.

You can administer MERIAL J-VAC at dry-off and then boost two to four weeks later, or give J-VAC to your whole herd at any stage of lactation and boost two to four weeks later. Whichever administration program you choose, the two-dose regimen is less labor intensive than conventional three-dose protocols.

MERIAL J-VAC can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously, and there's no milk withholding.

As dairy farmers know preventing disease is far more effective than treating sick animals - in fact, sick animals may never catch up to those that stay well, so a sound, thorough dairy cattle health management plan can be critical.

University studies have demonstrated that liver fluke and some other parasites can cause a suppressed immune response. Some parasites interfere with the animal's ability to develop an adequate immune response to vaccination2.

MERIAL J-VAC is part of the MERIAL® SUREHEALTH™ Program for Dairy Cattle. MERIAL SUREHEALTH protocols were developed in cooperation with veterinarians and include IVOMEC® Brand products for parasite control and the MERIAL line of high-quality vaccines for respiratory and reproductive disease, as well as best practices for all stages of your dairy operation. Be sure to ask your veterinarian about the MERIAL SUREHEALTH Program for Dairy Cattle.
MERIAL J-VAC is available in 10-dose (20 mL) and 50-dose (100 mL) vials.

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